The Lightning Bolt


The Unpredictables at Reunion, July 2018

It was the most powerful thing I had ever seen.  During a pouring rainstorm, my camp buddies and I were playing basketball inside the Deer Park Grand Pavilion, the sixteen-sided building with open doors all around.  Out of nowhere, I heard a sound that made me think the whole pavilion was coming down on top of me. In fear, I covered my head and crouched to the ground. I looked up through one of the open doors and saw a lightning bolt pounding on a drinking fountain in the yard outside, just fifty feet away.  It seemed to last for four or five seconds and the air glowed all around it. For a young boy, it was awesome!

I look back now and realize that there were far more powerful experiences at Deer Park, those created by caring community.  The most powerful things I have witnessed at Deer Park are friends coming together to share love, dreams, concerns, support, stories, celebrations, faith, and games.  The power doesn’t always appear like a lightning bolt, but it leaves an indelible impression for the rest of one’s life.

This blog post was written by our very own Deer Park Board President, Eric Vogelsang. Eric has been going to Deer Park since his early youth and now generously gives back to the sacred property as Board President.

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