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2017 Giving Campaign

Dear Friends of Deer Park,


Last year was a good year for Deer Park with growth in both camper days for Community of Christ events and rental revenue from outside customers.  Deer Park continues to be appreciated as a Natural Sanctuary for pursuing peace and building community.  Your support of that mission is greatly appreciated.


The purpose of this letter is to kick-off the 2017 Giving Campaign.  Every year, we will focus the giving effort toward a particular need or opportunity to upgrade our facilities.  This year, we have set a goal to raise $20,000 to begin renovating the Women’s Restroom. 


Every woman who has recently walked into the Women’s Restroom knows this renovation is long overdue.  The showers do not have adequate privacy or consistent hot water.  The sink and mirror area needs upgrading, including electrical outlets that work.  But our first task is to seal the roof to stop the leaking and replace the damaged wood.  These repairs must be done soon or we risk losing this critical facility.  And finally, if Deer Park is to be a comfortable and attractive place for our members and our guests, then renovating the women’s restroom is a top priority. 


So how are we going to raise $20,000?  We will have fundraisers at Deer Park events, like bake sales, silent auctions and t-shirt sales.  We will ask local congregations to have spaghetti dinners and special offerings.  We will reach out to our friends from the past (many who follow Deer Park on Facebook) with a GoFundMe initiative.  But most of all, we will rely on the generosity of those who love Deer Park, who have been blessed by Deer Park, and who want the mission of Deer Park to continue. 


We know that $20,000 in 2017 is a big step up from the $11,000 we received in general donations last year.  We believe a clear focus for our giving will help, but it will stretch us to reassess how much Deer Park means to us and how much each of us can give.  It will require some to give a lot by any standard.  It will require others to give a lot by their personal standard.  Most importantly, we are inviting everyone to participate, so that everyone can be a part of this initiative.  No gift is too small, when given with love. 


Enclosed you will find a Contribution Card for the 2017 Deer Park Giving Campaign.  Many of you will choose to respond with a one-time donation, with a check written to Deer Park Giving Campaign.  Others will make a pledge to give on a monthly basis, preferably using cofchrist.securegive.com.   All gifts, large and small, will be a blessing to Deer Park, and a blessing to you in return.


To commemorate this campaign, we are bringing back the “classic” Deer Park heather blue T-shirt.  This T-shirt will be free to all those who give $100 or more.  We are also making this T-shirt available for purchase for $20.  Complete the Contribution Card by May 26 to get your T-shirt at Reunion (or by mail).


Come be a part of this exciting campaign!  Support the women of Deer Park!  There is a renewed excitement for what’s happening at Deer Park for us and for others.  Your contribution will help further our mission to build communities of love, joy, hope and peace.  Thank you!

 Click bellow for the Contribution Card pdf download

Giving Campaign Contribution Card Giving Campaign Contribution Card (208 KB)



Delo Poore                            Michael Lavery                     Eric Vogelsang

Campaign Director              Treasurer                               Board President





 Deer Park Endowment

Contributions to and earnings from the Deer Park Endowment Fund are critical to the ongoing mission of Deer Park.

Thank you for helping Deer Park continue to be A Natural Sanctuary for so many more years and so many more people.

Your contributions are tax deductible.

Please send checks payable to:

Deer Park
6290 Lower Mountain Rd
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